All Mississippi State Lawmakers Ranked Best to Worst on Adhering to Limited Government
Majority of Lawmakers Earn Failing Grades on Just Released Scorecard – Most Expansive Vote Record Analysis Ever Published

WASHINGTON, DC – A new vote record analysis of the Mississippi Legislature  – including the most expansive state lawmaker scorecard ever produced – has found the vast majority of lawmakers fail to uphold the limited government principles of the U.S. Constitution in their voting. In fact, an astonishing 91 out of 112 Republican lawmakers received ratings below 50%, meaning they voted more often with the liberal position on policy than they did with the conservative position. The report just released by the Institute for Legislative Analysis (ILA) is the most comprehensive analysis ever conducted on the legislature and is based on over 10,000 votes cast by lawmakers earlier this year.

The report covers every key policy area of interest to voters including tax and fiscal, energy and environment, local and national security, and multiple other issue areas. ILA’s team of analysts spent months examining bill and breaking down the complex policies into easy-to-read summaries for Mississippians. The report highlights multiple liberal bills passed by Republicans which few of their constituents would likely support. One such example is a bill which forced taxpayers to provide over $10 million to the Arts Commission – an entirely unnecessary government entity – which doled out grants to OxFilm, which sponsors films on Queer Family and LGBTQ drag artists, as well as the Mt. Zion Memorial Fund, which utilizes Critical Race Theory to examine “White Supremacy & Historic Preservation”.

The only area where most Republicans supported conservative principles was the local and national security policy category, which was largely due to their votes to counter many so-called criminal justice “reforms”. These types of policies have led to skyrocketing crime rates and are being advanced across the nation by radical left-wing billionaires through their funding of advocacy organizations on both sides of the political aisle. 

Just 5 of the state’s 174 legislators earned ILA’s Ronald Reagan Award for voting in-line with the limited government position at least 80% of the time.

“With the loss of all five of the state’s only conservative lawmakers, I dread to think of what the upcoming session is going to look like,” said ILA CEO Ryan McGowan. “The state freedom caucus has been the only check on the fiscal insanity and corruption being advanced within the state house. If every day Mississippians do not step up to the plate and start fighting to hold their lawmakers accountable, the gaping hole left by these five lawmakers will only plunge the state further into economic despair.”

The ILA serves as the data and policy hub for national conservative and liberty-minded organizations. ILA was established earlier this year, with its launch event attended by over 50 members of Congress who are the most philosophically committed to limited government. Prior to the launch of the ILA, the team previously served together for nearly a decade at CPAC and the American Conservative Union where they constructed the nation’s first 50 state legislative scorecard.


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