Idaho GOP Platform Ratings Just Released
All Lawmakers Graded on Alignment with the Republican Party Platform of Idaho

BOISE, ID – The just launched Idaho State GOP Platform Rating system will hold every Republican lawmaker accountable to the Republican Party of Idaho and its party platform which lawmakers have pledged their allegiance. This independent and objective accountability system is expected to play a major role in Idaho politics and will grade each lawmaker based upon their voting alignment with the 19 articles of the party platform, as adopted on July 16, 2022 in Twin Falls.

The system reveals the percentage of time each lawmaker abides by the GOP platform during each legislative session, and in cases where a lawmaker casts a vote in violation of the platform, the system provides a citation to the exact article and section violated. Additionally, the system contains an advanced categorization system which pinpoints the articles the lawmaker most often violates, as well as the percentage of time the violations occur.

The system was launched in response to cases of Democratic politicians fraudulently representing themselves as Republicans to win election in GOP-controlled districts. While this grading system marks the first of its kind, the system is constructed off the web architecture and policy analyses of the Institute for Legislative Analysis – a national data and policy hub that serves Republican-affiliated entities.

“We are honored the Republicans of Idaho have selected our platform for the launch of their groundbreaking new initiative,” said Ryan McGowan, CEO of the Institute for Legislative Analysis. “Idaho has been plagued by practices of fraudulent party identification by lawmakers and we look forward to watching this new tool be put to use to ensure Republican districts are once again represented by real Republicans.”

View the Idaho GOP Platform Ratings Here


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