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Institute for Legislative Analysis Launched in Preparation for 2024 
ILA to Provide State Data and Scorecards to Leading National Advocacy Groups     

WASHINGTON, DC – Former employees of the American Conservative Union (CPAC) have launched a new policy organization – The Institute for Legislative Analysis (ILA) – which will construct legislative scorecards for the leading national advocacy organizations to educate voters ahead of 2024. The ILA will officially debut its advanced data and scorecard platform early next month at a private launch event held at the Conservative Partnership Institute. The event will bring together leaders from the top conservative and liberty-minded organizations along with nearly 100 members of congress who will be presented awards for their ratings of 80% and above on ILA’s Limited Government Index (LGI). 

“The media has worked overtime in their attempt to fracture the Republican party and pit every candidate and group against each other. We created the ILA to better unite the conservative and liberty movement and ensure every American is equipped with the data needed to effectively hold their lawmakers accountable.” said Ryan McGowan, ILA’s Chief Executive Officer.  

The LGI is the most advanced congressional rating system, containing 38,655 votes, 122 in-depth policy analyses and more unique sampled roll calls from last session than the federal scorecards produced by over a dozen of the leading national advocacy groups – combined.

Each of ILA’s allied advocacy organizations will be provided 50 state scorecards built on the LGI platform, with the scorecards customized to each group’s specific policy priorities and stances. ILA’s President Fred McGrath added, “Not only do scorecards educate voters on the key policies, but the transparency they provide significantly impacts the votes and policy positions of lawmakers.”

The ILA team previously worked together for nearly a decade at the ACU where they expanded and perfected ACU’s congressional and state ratings program. Their work resulted in ACU becoming the first and only organization to ever produce a comprehensive scorecard covering all 8,000 federal and state lawmakers in America. The team will now serve the entire conservative and liberty movement by researching bills across hundreds of policy fields and further innovating the scorecard model to advance the principles of limited government. 
The Congressional Limited Government Index can be found on ILA’s website and a PDF version here.   


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