Just Released National Study: Democrats Control Missouri Senate – Republicans Control Missouri House
Former ACU/CPAC Scorecard Team Expands Operations Through Launch of New State Policy and Data Organization

WASHINGTON, DC – A just released study on the Missouri Legislature has found a number of Missouri’s state senators are incorrectly aligning themselves with political parties that do not match their values based on their voting records. The findings are a result of the most comprehensive vote record analysis ever performed on the Missouri legislature – 11,064 lawmaker votes – representing more datapoints than the scorecards produced by every other previous organization – combined. The report was released by the Institute for Legislative Analysis (ILA) a national policy and data hub recently established by the former scorecard team of the American Conservative Union (CPAC).

The study reassigned each lawmaker to the correct political party that matches their philosophical values based upon their votes. The data reveals that philosophically Democratic lawmakers actually control the Missouri Senate (21 Democrats to 13 Republicans) while all lawmakers within the Missouri House of Representatives have correctly aligned themselves with their political party (111 Republicans to 52 Democrats). All lawmakers are placed on a 0 to 100 political ideology scale based on their adherence to the limited government principles of the U.S. Constitution. Scores of “0% – 50%” equate a Democrat philosophy while scores of “51% – 100%” mark a Republican philosophy.

The ILA applies the same methodology to every state it researches. In most states including California, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania not a single self-defined Republican scored below a 60%. However, Missouri is one of the few states where lawmakers have been found to engage in fraudulent party identification, which has also occurred and been widely reported on in Wyoming and Idaho.

“Unfortunately, it appears the “the DC Swamp” has selected Missouri’s Senate to build its new vacation home,” said Ryan McGowan, CEO of the Institute for Legislative Analysis. “President Trump relentlessly fought back against the special interests to slash regulations and government overreach at unprecedented rates. As the data from the most comprehensive analysis ever conducted on the Show-Me state proves, RINO Republicans have hijacked the Senate and are now undermining Trump’s agenda. This includes the enactment of policies which grow the welfare and regulatory state, as well as the channeling hundreds of millions of dollars to enrich special interests and woke universities. We hope Missourians will utilize this data to quickly come together and “drain the swamp” that is forming in their own backyard.”

View the Full Scorecard Here

ILA’s enormous dataset now allows Missourians to pinpoint exactly where their legislature is performing well and poorly on policy. The report found that Missouri’s lawmakers generally perform well on protecting individual liberties and freedoms, with 73% of the votes cast by lawmakers in this category aligning with limited government principles. However, the analysis reveals that lawmakers largely abandon limited government principles when it comes to policies pertaining to workforce and labor (33%) as well as tax and fiscal issues (44%).

The Institute for Legislative Analysis serves as the new data and policy hub for the conservative movement. Earlier this year, the ILA produced the most comprehensive and in-depth vote record analysis ever conducted on Congress made up of nearly 40,000 votes. In September, the ILA released a policy record analysis spanning 10,000 actions taken by Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, Chris Christie, Tim Scott and Mike Pence.


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